The equipment I use to get the best result

Picking the right gear for every shoot.

When I decided that filmmaking was something I would put my heart into I started to invest with my private money. Today I have an advanced and professional setup to be able to produce high quality content in every situation. Fot you all the names of me equipment probably means nothing so I won’t bother listing everything, Instead I will try to explain what the different tools can achive for your vision.

To start of with I have a camera that shoots in 4K. This resolution is still a bit to good and not so commonly used on social media. Youtube have started since a while back to accept this resolution and if you want your content in top quality this is the choice. For almost every shoot I use my 3 axis gimbal, a motorized stabilizer for the camera, to get silky smooth footage like all Hollywood movies. The reason for this is that footage that is smooth creates a much higher production value and the video get instantly more pleasing to watch.

For audio I have a ”Lav” mic which you have seen before. It is the small black pin you see on peoples shirts during interviews. This is to get the best and most directed audio from the person who is being interviewed. I also use a professional audio recorder to keep the realistic tonality and ambience in every recording. I also use this to record the ambience of the scene, the birds chirping or the river flowing. Did you know that audio is often the most important part of a video production?

In the post-production I use the same programs as they use for many big production films. This allows me to both utilize 3D effects and to be able to cut and make every adjustment exactly how I vision it without any limitations. You have probably heard of Adobe?

The pictures are showing some of the gear I use, but of course it always depends on what shoot it is.

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